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Three Decades of Winning!

Since 1988, everyone from amateurs to big money players have relied upon our unique method of handicapping for winning information week after week.  Our constantly evolving techniques analyze proprietary trends, angles, statistics, and numbers to stay one step ahead of the linesmakers.  Our work has been seen on nearly every broadcast and cable network, including ESPN, CBS,  CW and GSN, and has received dozens of awards including an Emmy nomination.  As the winner of numerous handicapping championships, including the prestigious National Handicappers Bowl, we focus on professional football, offering analysis along with recommendations on every game on the card. Our weekly Five-Star Best Bet selections have consistently hit at an over 70% win rate, including a spectacular 85% for the last two seasons.  Whether you're looking to supplement your own handicapping or looking for an edge in your weekly football pool, we invite you to join the winners as part of the On The Hop Sports community!

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Congratulations and Good Luck!

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